Carmen (gardenmama) wrote in katt_scraps,

Pages 52 & 53 - Scott's birthday!

Pictures from Scott's birthday party.

I finally have a flat-bed scanner, so I can scan my pages instead of having to take pictures of them. Much nicer, although the whole page doesn't fit on the scanner bed and I have to scan half at a time and then stitch them together. I'll have to go back and scan all the previously posted pages at some point.

On the left page, the borders are colored paper. Happy 1st Birthday is done with stickers, as is the cake in the bottom right. The balloons are die cuts, and I drew the strings with colored markers. In the middle of the page is one of the invitations I sent out for Scott's party, matted with yellow and green to match the rest of the page. The photos were cut using the Fiskars cutter templates so I could get more pictures on the page.

On the right page, I used the same brightly colored papers for the background. I cut the pictures into shapes to fit more onto the page, and accented the page with balloon stickers.
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